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NNPC Recruitment scammers now using LinkedIn jobs.

Job hunting scams have always been an easy way for fraudsters to get easy prey. This is because most job seekers are desperate due to the harsh economic realities of living in a country with a high unemployment rate. A popular tactic of these fraudsters is to dangle non-existing juicy job offers in the choicest government establishment on popular social media channels. Particularly, these fraudsters have taken to LinkedIn, which is the biggest career social media platform and are now using its job portal, LinkedIn jobs to perform their nefarious activities.

A cursory job search revealed the following job advert purportedly from the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation, it reads:


This is to notify the general public that the NNPC Federal Recruitment Form for 2018 is out,
the form is sold online to all states in Nigeria. For security reasons, all interested applicants should contact our Head Office Recruitment Portal conducting the federal recruitment in Nigeria or send your CVs to the email address below.

contact our Chief Operating Officer Dr Babatunde V.Adeniran on this number 08166931543 for application process and directives for the recruitment form. Also, address all Curriculum Vitae to (nnpcrecruitmentgroup@mail2recruiter.com)


Although this scam does list the name of one of the Chief Operating Officers of the NNPC, it also makes a blunder going this route. Why would one of the principal officers of the NNPC be sharing his phone number on social media to let people know how to purchase a form? Isn’t this a task to delegate to someone way down the corporate ladder? Also, why is he using a commercial e-mail service @mail3recruiter instead of the official @nnpcgroup.com?

Being observant and asking yourself simple questions is enough to detect such online scams. Another important thing to do is to do a little research. Simply googling about NNPC Recruitment forms bring up the NNPC RECRUITMENT DISCLAIMER PAGE which says:
 For the avoidance of doubt, we wish to state as follows:
1.     That NNPC is currently not recruiting and will not demand payment in any form for any job placement.
2.     That NNPC will advertise all vacant positions whenever it is ready to embark on a recruitment exercise.
3.     That members of the public, particularly unsuspecting applicants, should be wary of fraudulent invitations for job interviews at the NNPC Towers, Abuja, or indeed any of its offices or subsidiaries, and that anyone who entertains such invitations or deals with peddlers of such invitations does so at his or her own risk.
4.   That anyone contacted for the purpose of the purported recruitment other than through advertisement duly placed by the Corporation in national newspapers, should not hesitate to report such invitations to relevant law enforcement agencies.

Furthermore, the dialypost also had a news article dated some weeks back from the NNPC Group General Manager, Group Public Affairs, Mr. Ndu Ughamadu dispelling any rumors of recruitment.

But to put to rest any doubt that this might not be a scam, I called the number listed. You can listen to the call recordings below by clicking the download button, but to cut the long story short, they asked me to pay the sum of =N= 10,500 for a late entry form to the account of a representative as the banks had stopped selling.

What the scammer did in our conversation was to use the popular social engineering tactic of urgency/time constraint to try to manipulate me into acting. What I can’t say at this junction is how elaborate the plot might be. Probably after paying for the form, filling and submitting, I would be asked for a larger sum of money to secure the employment.

The bottom line is you have to keep your critical thinking skills sharp as fraudsters have invaded all social media channels, hence eternal vigilance is the only way to not become a victim.  

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